All About Anger

Human being is facing a great problem with its own  spieces  . After all human being is a social animal. Human being cannot escape from human being .Human being  has to loose here ,gain here have to do every thing here.
The great bhagavadgeeta  names the Here   as karmakshetra.
Every one will try to win in the Karmakshetra

 winning in this karmakshetra is not winning on the opponent but winning on the self .
winning over self

To acquire this we have to work with our negative shades and negative emotions in us.
In this post let us discuss about the anger which is deadliest negative emotion passing on from centuries together in the human collective mind.

If we want to win the anger we have to identify and accept that anger is present in us .

Before this
 we just catogorise the  people, viewing through the angle of anger.
 Then we come across three types of people.

The first type of people are those people who gets anger in those situations which does not meet their expectations .These people always design every coming situation and if the situation is not according to their will and if it does not fits in  to their design they get angry.


These people also get anger if they listen, read or see such odd situations in media even though the situation occur  thousands of kilometers away from them.These people are very wavery and gets disturbed very easily .These people carry a lot of negative emotion in them

For such people any thing like conflict between the countries ,conflict between the religions can trigger anger in them .

The second type of people are those people who gets anger when  they experience the odd situations.when these people face a situation which does not match to his pre installed scene in his mind immediately they get irritated and soon the anger triggers in them.But these people are quite stable when they read or hear or  see such situations.

The third type of people are those people who are very stable.they will not get angry if they hear about the situation or even if they face the situation.they will be 100% stable.

These people are called as enlightened people or simply luckiest people.Their mood will be superb in all the times .

So how the people get in to this three different types whether they acquire it or born with it that is another topic we are not going to deal with that topic now we will concentrate only on how we can conquer the anger .

This is not a big deal anyone can do it .

But how?

Firstly just observe yourself and put yourself in to one of the above three categories sincerely.
That means check in which category your mentality falls in.
99% of people fall in either first or second groups.That means fitting yourself in any one of the above categories  is nothing But  accepting that you are the victim of anger

After accepting the wrong ,  the next thing we naturally do is stop doing the wrong if we are a responsible person

Now half of our work  is completed.this is just like ...
Identification of the disease is most important in the treatment process.


 Now let us see why the anger is actually caused
Anger is caused because of few belief systems to  which we always cling to.
Let us see one belief system
We often think that anger is caused because of external agent.
If any one say something irritatingly,you get angry and immediately we complain that the anger is caused because of him.

pointing others

Anger is caused because of the situation,because of that ,because of this we go on pointing finger outwardly .
What to do?
At this point just stop showing finger out and cross check yourself.
Person who uttered something gone away.situation passed away.
Who is remained there ?
You and only you peeping inside and creating anger writing the script of anger.

Identify  that the anger is being created by you and being nurtured by you.
Break the age old belief that anger is initiated by some one else.
don't blame any one .
Once you spot that the anger is created by you there is a great possibility of stopping that and switching to the policy of forgiveness .that is choosing forgiveness .
Earlier our belief was anger is imposed by external agent.
Now we came to a point that anger is created by us

  • One more new belief has been built up

Check out the new belief
Do not take it  granted  do not accept any thing blindly.

Then what to do?
Just experiment with it
 for about 10 to 15 days list out all the situations which  irritated you.


study them properly .At last you will experience that the anger is your own creation immediately your new belief turns in  to the truth.

One more belief which is being circulated in the universal mind  is....
Anger is essential to make people work.
Let us discuss about this
If you exhibit anger just check out how disturbance flows in your body.

Just check out your state of mind and state of body  at the time of irritation.
Of course your anger may make the people to engage in the work.
You will be having your work done with great result in your hands but   along with the work you will remain with gallons of adrenalin and cortisol stress harmones flowing in your body.
You will remain with broken relationships

If you want to be happy the only way is to give up anger remove the grudge you holded upon any person .
forgive the person who irritated you.
Without forgiveness you are not going to be happy at any cost.
The recent researches all over the world revealed this fact .

On the other side you can also get the works done with love.

It may take some time for this belief  to get established in the universal mind.
There will be some cases where the love will not work
In such cases the authority will help you to get the work done
Showing authority is not same as showing the  anger
In the case of showing authority one will have complete grip on the behavior and on the quality of words comingout .This type of stable behaviour is impossible and you will not even expect in the case of anger.
The very big mistake what we all doing is being comfortable with anger ,being comfortable holding grudge upon others ,being comfortable with stress harmones
What we have to do is to come out of the comfort zone right now and choose the alternative
Remember that there is a choice in every step of life
Experiment with the choice
Experience the better feeling in your self
Experience the truth

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