Happiness Unlimited

Human being is very powerful and energetic  organism.He can protect his nation, society, family very easily with physical strength.Very easily he tackled the exterior  problems and developed beautiful civilisations.but he failed to win in the inner world to get happiness unlimited.


Day by day he is improving his technology and leading a safe, comfort and luxurious life.He learnt lot of techniques to protect himself from the problems out side .
But he is  unable to protect himself from the problems being created by his own mind.
Let us take an example
 If a small child   miss his parents in a  big gathering.
What will be the position of the child he will be crying like a hell.
At the next momment when the child finds his parents ,we can see lots of smiles on the face of the child.
crying inside like a child

We are just like the crying child in this imperfect world.
Interiorly every one of us will be crying a lot by raising lot of complaints against others like iam angry beause of him,,iam irritated because of him etc.We are doing all these for happiness unlimited.


We think that we will be happy when the problems are solved .
But that is a wrong approach it is impossible to solve the problems because when one problem is solved the other one arises.
You can never be free from the problems
You can only be relaxed and happy only when you feel responsible for the state of your mind and connect yourself to the extreme inner power which is lying inside you.


The sad thing is that  outside the terror will be created by some one else and it will be solved by some one else.
But interiorly in the mind  the terror will be created by yourself and no one comes to solve it you have to solve it.
If any thing bad happens to us we always had a reason outside
We complain that this negative thing has happened to me because of him.
So here we are giving power to others.
We are maKing others powerful.
You are giving the key of your happiness to others .


But the reality is that  the nagative emotion which is raised in you because of the mess  happened out side  was not automated but was your choice .
No one induces it in to your mind .
 no one said you to feel in the negative way you choosed the negative thought which led to negative emotion.
hold the power in your hands

So the feeling is your choice you created it .
You  can only change it .
 Here the power is in your hands.
So always make the power to remain in your hands do not give the power to others.


So always make sure that  you must be the solo  responsible for the state of your mind.
So that the power will be in your hands and you can very easily alter the state of mind towards happiness.
If you make others as responsible for the state of your mind,.you have to look towards others and wait for the change in them for your  happiness .
Let us see this clearly .
If you complain that
Iam feeling anger or irritated because
He is a liar
He always comes late to the office
He speaks rashly .
He does not complete the work in time
If you go on listing like this you feel angry or irritated in lot of life situations like above.
So from the above situations it is clear that you are not going to get angry and you are going to be happy
If he speaks truth
If he comes to the office in time
If he speaks smoothly
If he complete  the work in time .etc
That means you are giving the power to number of people around you.
Our happiness is dependent on other people .
is it possible that  the people around you  are going to move in the way which you think right .Is it possible for every one to behave according to you.
It is impossible that all the people behave according to you .


Here you have to change this wrong belief system  and start believing the reality that
Iam angry because of myself.
Iam hurt because of myself.
Iam happy because of myself.
make yourself responsible for the state of your mind.

You have to believe  the golden rule that every emotion is your creation .
Believe strongly that even if you are hurt i can come to normal state for myself.
Even if you are angry believe strongly that within seconds you can come out of it very successfully with out converting the anger in to words and further in to actions.
This makes you very very powerful.

Apply this technique in your daily life within few days you feel very powerful at the level of mind .This is the key for happiness unlimited.
And the beneficiaries of this change of power immediately will be enjoyed by your spouse and children.

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