Worry Management

By having a sound sleep a lot of mental energy is stored in the mind this is the reason why we feel fresh and charged in the morning
Now it is in our  hands  how to use this mental energy.
Too much thoughts drains away this energy very fastly .


 Revolution of thoughts around a fictious thing which actually doesn't happen is nothing but worry.

discharging mind power

Worrying is the greatest misuse of mental energy you have within.So the person who wories  about a particular thing whether it happens or not will be remained with 0% battery level at the end of the day with out doing anything.

Some common sentences we listen from the people regarding worry ........
Iam worried about my child's health.
Iam worried about my child's education.
Iam worried about my business.
Iam worried about my incomplete work.
Iam worried about a problem which is not getting solved.

  ⏩worry v/s care⏪

If we observe carefully we take it granted that worrying about our children is taking care.We think worry as our concern towards them.
But this is one of the deep rooted wrong belief systems.
Worrying is not at all equal to caring.
Concern and care are positive emotions which shows the love whereas worry is a negative emotion which shows fear
Love and fear can not go together.
Worry is concern
It is good to worry .
If you dont worry you are not taking care.
 we have to change these belief system  in order to restore our mental energy.


Lot of past  negative   situations which we have experienced , seen or listened   will be accumulated in the mind .

We do not forget them so easily because they might have shown  strong impact on the mind at that time and that impression remains on the mind for a long time .
Now if any expected thing does not happen in estimated time we start imposing our negative past over the future.
Here what we have to notice is the present situation will be very peaceful just we will go in to the future negatively and start worrying .
Actually we pick a sad story from the past and keep on reciting it again and again by jumping over the present in to the future.
we keep on creating the same pain again and again.

When you say yourself that the worrying is needed  it becomes your habit.
Mind gets habituated to think  negatively in all situations whenever this reaches a chronic stage stress develops in you and makes your life horrible.
Because of stress the mind becomes weak.
The mind becomes so much weak that  it cannot take any more pressure.At this stage if any thing happens in the life you can't tackle the problem with the weak mind and you may end up very seriously.
With the weak mind even you can not face the smallest irritations also even a small irritation in front of a weak mind will become a big problem.
By worrying it is clear that problem will not get solved instead new problems will be created.


In the process of worrying we imagine future with series of thoughts.

The dangerous thing in this process of worrying is that it makes you disconnect from the present.You loose concentration on the present problem and starts living in the imagined future.
Present is always challenging ,you are required in the present.you have to work in the present .all that you can do is in the present you can do nothing in the imagined future because it is not there .


When you live in the present and think negatively  about the future you loose grip on the present work and as a result you get the negative  result.

That means future will always be as you think ,thoughts creat our destiny.
If you creat positive thought there will be more chances for the  result to  be positive.
If the thoughts are negative the result definitely will be negative .

This is the reason why lot of people's fears become true.


We have to check our self whether the worrying is good to us.

Worrying is selfish motivated thing if we worry about a person it is nothing but
the fear of  how do I feel if something happens to person.
We starts creating the scene and we start feeling about the dreadful thing which might happen to person we even attend the funeral of the person in the thoughts and starts feeling vigorously.


One thing we have to make sure that worry will not materialise it will not take a form it is completely fictious.
But the reality will be entirely different.
So we have to wake up and say the mind stop this imagination and  stop living in the imaginary world.Make present as your weapon ,bring intense presence in all the situations.
The worry can not bare the extreme light of presence.

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