People working on computer are very familiar with the combination of keys cltr+alt + del . people often use this combinatIn to Interupt mal functioning programme on the computer.
three fingered salute
If the computer slows down ,
if the loading speed of the pages is very slow,
if the computer hangs,
if it is not working properly
people generally do not waste much time and use the combination of the keys cltr,alt,del
This is called as three fingered salute.
At the very next momment computer  reboots restarts freshly.The issues will be settled.And the computer once again will be at its 100%. peak performance and everything goes smoothly

The same combination can be applied for the human mind also when
lot of negative energy struck in the mind and make it hung and

  • If the things are not going well.
  • If our thoughts are fixed only in one way.
  • If we do not find any other way out 
then it is the time to apply the combination of the keys cltr,alt del in order to refresh the programme in the mind.

 in the case of mind programming control means
  • taking responsibility for everything which you come across in your life.
  • Taking responsibility of all types of emotions which generates in you.
  • Taking the things as they are ,
  • accepting  the things as they are with out struggling to change the past and the people.
Here do not think that controlling means controlling people and controlling situations.
If you take the present as it is you will be stable and can work effectively for the improvement of the future.

Alt in the mind programing means
  • look for the alternative do not go always with the automated mode .
  • Remember that for every stimulus out side, we  have number of choices that means we can choose our response in all the situations
How to respond for a stimulus is in our hands that means we are keeping the power in our hands not giving power to others.When we are powerful we can write our next scene so that the next scene will be smooth and peaceful.
So check for  the alternative in all the situations you come across in your life

Next comes the delete key
So what will be there to delete .
If you observe carefully by looking in to deeper layers of your mind you can come across number of things which you are holding strongly from years together.
They are anger ,criticism ,comparing, hurt,hatred,jealous and lot more negative emotions which are very poisonous and kills you with number of diseases.
All these should be deleted.

Example and consequence of a negative emotion which should be deleted.......HATRED

Hatred is one of the common negative emotion which is found in lot of human relations .Hatred  burn you inside and this should be avoided in order to have a beautiful relationships.
Let us how hatred develops, so that we can put a big full stop to this dangerous negative emtion.

Hatred is such a negative emotion which is very very deep and forces you to take revenge against the the opponent .

When you hate some one you will experience hatred,you will experience the negative emotion and slowly the negative emotion becomes much complicated that you can not concentrate on the work and fails, then you start hating yourself.

Hating the self may end very seriously at last.
Hating actually starts with hurt
  you get hurt in the smaller situations like
  • when some body say a wrong word,
  • when some body broke a promise,
  • when some body betrayed you.
  If you hold this hurt in the deeper consciousness and faces a bigger stimulus.
Let us see what happens
The  soul which is carrying already a package of pain due to hurts and the soul which always makes others responsible for the pain when faces a bigger stimulus then the response from the soul will be i hate the world.
And you think that hating the people who made me hurt is automated and you think that as natural.
What ever hurt or hatred you creat in your mind will effect you and it is carried forward in to all coming situations if you don't finish it right now.

lot of conversations in the daily life will not be according to the pre installed script you have written in your mind before facing a situation.
you have to accept the people as they are.
You have to accept their words as they are.
 Do not try to change the get hurt when ever you try to change the people.So accept as they are.
you have to understand the people that they are different from you.
They have their own definitions for wright and wrong.
They have brought up in different types of conditions ,
So they will be having different sanskaars.
once you understand and put it to practise you never gets hurt.

So here you are one thought away from using delete key press the key and finish every negative emotion which is clinging to the past .
delete the negative emotiopn

If you meet a person today and  if the meeting was very pleasant then if you meet the same person next day ,the meeting starts in a pleasant atmosphere because ysterday the meeting was ended up in the pleasant atmosphere.
If the meeting today is unpleasant then do not broke out,just control yourself that means accept the situation
Unpleasant atmosphere will be carried in to next meeting tomorrow ,when  the meeting starts in an unpleasant atmosphere then by using the del key you can just finish the negative past and make the meeting pleasant by going for a alternative thought.
So refresh the mind very frequently in your daily life by using ctlr,alt,del and lead a happy life

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